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FAQs of Plastering, Artexing & Fitting Decorative Pieces

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You can be caught between attempting a plastering or artexing job yourself or calling in a professional, I mean, just how difficult can it be?

Well, neither task is easy and if you feel like tackling the job yourself and get a bit stuck you know where I am. ANA Plastering to the rescue!

Please contact me if I haven't answered your question or you need advice.

Cutting and fixing coving

Can I plaster or artex myself?
Not recommended as it's not exactly porous, oh... you mean walls and ceilings! :)

I have been in the trade well over 10 years and it's really not as easy as I make it look.

How long before we can decorate?
By we I'm assuming you mean you... Isn't it strange how the other half always seems to find some excuse or other... I recommend leaving it about a week, certainly not before.

Can I paint directly onto new plastered walls and ceilings?
Ideally you should seal the surface with a good plaster sealer.

How long will it take you to plaster a room?
Of course this all depends on the size of the room in question, the average room two to three days, The great hall at Chatsworth... answers on a postcard to...

Will I have to remove the carpets?
Nope that really is too much like hard work... I'll cover your carpets with dust sheets before work commences.

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